Here are some sample solutions we have built for our customers:

Enterprise Enablement Portal (EEP)

The Enterprise Enrollment Portal (EEP) is an online tool that allows employees within an organization to handle personal requests on their devices.

  • Enhanced Self-serve Control of BYOD Programs
  • Self-serve portal for end-user flexibility and enablement
  • Facilitates device selection, and employee onboarding
  • Provides ability to check form BYOD program check eligibility
  • Showcases specific devices and plans from carriers

Policy Acceptance Tool (PAT)

This online tool allows the organization to establish policies for its employees.

  • A user can login and agree to the specific form
  • Keeps track on which policy the user has accepted
  • Keeps track of the devices and the information provided by the end user
  • Allows the end user to go back and updates policies when needed
  • Enables the user to enroll his/her device

Appointment Management Tool

This service allows small businesses to review their account in detail with a Small Business Specialist, ensuring that they are always on the right track and have the right communication services for their business.

  • An end-to-end review of your account with a Small Business Specialist
  • An honest analysis of your business needs
  • Answers to any account and service questions you have

Work Optimization Tool (WOT)

WOT is an online tool that optimizes scheduling for technical agents.

  • Ease of use for Project Managers
  • Visibility of appointments and calendars to book time slots
  • Ability to annotate pictures, and upload securely
  • Time stamp audits for user logins, and on-site technician to confirm arrival time
  • Asset management on deployment of tools and devices
  • Reduction in support calls with increased compliance

Communication and Transition Tool (CATT)

This online tool helps administrators ensure that their users have a tracked email communication tool to remind of upcoming events.

  • The CATT solution provides organizations with the ability to send out and track customized emails to end users

  • These emails provide information and links on enrolling in to required applications
  • Emails and links can be customized by operating system
  • Track which users have received emails and clicked on the hyper links in the email
  • Second and third emails to users are sent at a predefined time to remind users
  • Follow Up emails can be removed automatically if the user has enrolled
  • Ability to upload list of end users in to the tool

Health Care Insurance Management System

This is a integrated web tool to be able to manage insurance claims that are sent from a eye care provider

  • This is used by a large retailer of eye wear across the US

  • The solution is integrated with multiple systems such as the POS, insurance billing system and bank lockbox
  • Provides agents with real time access to the insurance claims
  • Ability to process and update information in to multiple systems
  • Gives the agents one point to get information versus 4+ different systems


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